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Notre Dame Will Release Results Of Internal Investigation Into Declan Sullivan's Death

Almost six months after Declan Sullivan's Oct. 27, 2010 death, Notre Dame will release the results of its internal investigation into the fatal accident that killed Sullivan, a student videographer for the Fighting Irish.

The Chicago Tribune's Brian Hamilton writes that many of the powers that be at Notre Dame will be present at a Monday news conference to discuss the findings.

Notre Dame president Rev. John I. Jenkins, athletic director Jack Swarbrick, football coach Brian Kelly and Peter Likins, former president at the University of Arizona and an independent reviewer of Notre Dame's investigation, are among those that will attend Monday's news conference.

Kelly and Jenkins, in particular, came under fire after it was revealed that Sullivan was filming Notre Dame practice from a scissor lift on that day despite high winds that can create dangerous instability for the structure.

Notre Dame has already been fined $77,500 by the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which found that the university "did not establish and maintain conditions of work that were reasonably safe for its employees."