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Georgia Football Locker Room Theft Update: There's An Evil Twin?

Just when you thought the Georgia football locker room theft story couldn't get more ludicrous, we're throwing a real, actual evil twin into the mix. Because it's Monday and we love you, meet Marqui and Marquise, in this news blip from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

1 UGA theft suspect arrested is NOT prospect. Marquise Hawkins is smaller twin of QB/WR Marqui Hawkins, per Carver coach Dell McGee.

How much smaller? Oh, about 5'3". Pocket twin! Hawkins was clearly used as a spotter by the other two; it'd be a fairly simple operation to boost him up to see through the locker vents. Anyway, the confusion here was over whether Marqui was a nickname for Marquise, but given his size, it's unlikely the latter is being recruited as anything but a gnatback. To clarify! They are two different people, which lowers the number of Georgia football recruits jailed this morning for theft of prospective teammate property to two.

SB Nation Atlanta has more on the now-dashed career prospects of the other arrested player, Deion Bonner, and SB Nation's Dawg Sports wishes it had been faculty members responsible, after all.