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Mike Leach Boards The Good Ship Twitter

Rejoice this Wednesday morning, internet, for a new delight has emerged in our social media sphere: Mike Leach, late of Texas Tech, has joined the Twitters, his coming announced by ESPN's Bruce Feldman. (You can't buy the book he's co-authored with Feldman yet, but you can buy this one. Do it!)


It's not a particular shock to see the Dread Cap'n take the wheel to promote his radio show and forthcoming book (Mike Leach has boats to buy to feather his armada, y'all), but this could go someplace spectacular once the season starts. He's obviously not going to be coaching in 2011, but the Air Raid will live on in some form at West Virginia, at least, and in the meantime, won't it be grand if he sets up shop in a crab shack somewhere on game Saturdays and tweets cutting remarks about the football happenings of the day along with the rest of us? You'd plunk down pay-per-view dollars to see that happen; don't act like the prospect doesn't intrigue you.

To wit: Welcome, Coach. Come get some. Love, Internet. (For the bloodthirsty among you: Yes, Craig James is also on Twitter. No, we are not linking him, because who wants to help make Craig James more famous? Yes, we sort of cannot wait to see if they take this fight to the internet. No, we would not put it past Leach to go there.)