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Tommy Tuberville Mixes Politics With Football In Fox News Appearance

Depending on how your political and football allegiances land on the Punnett square, this will either delight or disgust you, but yes: Tommy Tuberville has hit the internet's third rail, appearing on Sean Hannity's show Tuesday night (sans his trusty sleeping bag) to discuss, among other things, the veracity of the President's birth certificate.

We are of the stern position that our football coaches should coach football and stick to coaching football and not do other things, because this sport breeds enough tribal contention as it is without dragging other debates into the picture; but regardless, be of good cheer: Liberal or conservative, Texas Tech fan or not, you cannot be offended by this development, because TOMMY TUBERVILLE BY DEFINITION HAS NO OFFENSE. Haha, get it? 

If you would rather talk about Texas Tech football than Texas Tech's head football coach's political leanings, bully for you! You may enjoy the fine work being done at Double-T Nation.