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Introducing The 'NCAA Division I Bowl Licensing Task Force'

Mark Emmert, NCAA president-about-town, announced this morning the establishment of something he's calling the "NCAA Division I Bowl Licensing Task Force," whose stated purpose is "to examine the purpose, criteria, process and oversight of the NCAA licensing procedures for football bowl games." This, of course, is all a very elaborate way of telling bowl organizers to stop drawing attention to the fact that college football is an elaborate money-printing machine by taking outlandish bribes and then getting caught already, but it's nice to have things Named With Capital Letters when you're attempting to look serious.

Here's the least-unserious bit of news, which ensures the as-yet imaginary West Hollywood Pinkberry Bowl will remain an unrealized dream for just a little while longer:

In a related action, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors earlier Thursday approved a three-year moratorium on new postseason football bowl game licenses in order for the Task Force to do its work.

Bill Hancock will have another task force to examine the work done by this task force up and running within the hour. Set your watch by it.