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Declan Sullivan Investigation: Notre Dame Contests OSHA Ruling

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In a move sure to do nothing to improve their standing in the public eye following the death of student football videographer Declan Sullivan last fall, Notre Dame is contesting an Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration ruling handed down in March that detailed multiple instances of irresponsible safety practices. University and OSHA officials speaking to the Chicago Tribune characterize this development as a benign move on the part of the school: 

"Notre Dame really is trying to live up to the things they said in the media," [IOSHA spokeswoman Stephanie] McFarland said. "They want to make sure something like this never happens again."

A university spokesman said the short timelines imposed by state statute required Notre Dame to formally contest the ruling so the two sides could continue talking. He declined to comment on the specific discussions, but agreed they had been positive.

Perhaps, in the intervening time, the university's been able to get its story straight. Recall the inconsistencies revealed in the documentation of the case between what Notre Dame told investigators and what was contained in the school's own written records. 

The university is currently facing a $77,500 fine for six levied OSHA violations.