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Aaron Douglas Found Dead At Jacksonville Hotel After Party, According To Police

The Fernandina Beach Police Department has put out a press release on the death of incoming Alabama football player Aaron Douglas. It contains a few new details; though there aren't any specifics on Douglas' cause of death and the investigation is ongoing, the scene is set pretty clearly.

According to the report, Douglas made his way to a party at an address that seems to correspond with a house in a neighborhood. He was reportedly discovered motionless on a balcony after last being seen around 2 am:

According to witness accounts, the victim reportedly left his friends last night after dinner to go by taxi cab to Jacksonville.  While enroute he was apparently contacted by two local women and invited to a party at the First Avenue address.  

He arrived at the party by cab at approximately 11:00 PM - 11:30 PM and was seen at the residence as late as 2:00 AM.  When the male resident and others woke this morning they found the victim on the second floor balcony apparently deceased. The police and EMS were called and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

If you'd like to share memories and condolences, he's being remembered this afternoon on Rocky Top Talk and Roll Bama Roll, as well as our SEC blog, Team Speed Kills.