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Former Auburn Football Players Indicted For March Robbery

As long as we're on the Auburn-related crimes beat today, let's check in with the four ousted Tiger football players accused of robbery in a local trailer park back in March. Antonio Goodwin, Shaun Kitchens, and Michael McNeil were indicted on seven charges each for their parts in the most ludicrously distracting offseason in auburn football history: Five counts of first-degree robbery, one count of first-degree burglary, and one count of third-degree theft. Would-be getaway driver Dakota Mosley gets every charge listed above, plus the nefarious-sounding "conspiracy to hinder business."

NBC 13 has more details, including some chuckle-worthy previously unconfirmed particulars of the night in question:

According to Auburn police, one handgun, an air gun and the stolen property, including victims' cellphones and the safe, were recovered during the arrest.

All four ex-Tigers are scheduled to be arraigned May 26, the same day as Harvey Updyke, if anyone's interested in just camping out in front of the Lee County courthouse with a bucket of popcorn.

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