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Tate Forcier's Kingdom Knows No Bounds

Tate Forcier left the Michigan Wolverines to leave the Miami Hurricanes, citing the latter's locale as being too far from his home. Understandable, and so far so good. But get a look at the schools he's now considering: Auburn, Kansas State, Montana, San Diego, San Diego State and USC.

That's quite a wide geographic range, so here's a map of all the places he could end up. We'll include Ann Arbor among acceptable QBFORCE dwellings as well, since distance wasn't a reason for him to leave Michigan. Click below to ENHANCE and TRIANGULATE Forcier's native land, then check below to see if you correctly CALIBRATED:


ANSWER: Tate Forcier is from San Diego, which is more than 2,000 miles away from Auburn and just under 2,700 miles from Miami. Few will claim to understand the Forcier tribe, so it's best just to appreciate it as long as we still can.