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South Park Weighs In On The NCAA

South Park decided to take a brief detour through the NCAA's neighborhood last night. I need to remind you that metaphorically speaking, South Park likes to do this by taking the most direct route possible, even if their massive truck full of satire drives right through your living room, through your kids' bedroom, and then out the back door and over the rabbit hutch full of adorable baby bunnies.

Video after the jump. It's worth it.

If you think the show's tactics have grown toothless in their third decade of operations, now try hearing the NCAA, Jim Delany, or Mike Slive say the word "student-athletes" without hearing Eric Cartman talking about slavery in a ridiculous plantation owner's accent. It's simple, it's the same trick they've been pulling for 14 years, and it still freaking works--unlike the NCAA's dodge on "student-athletes," which has been working for much, much longer than that. (Via.)