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Quinta Funderburk Is Now King Of Arkansas

Wide Receiver Quinta Funderburk enrolled at Arkansas in the spring of 2011 and is now a full-fledged member of the Arkansas student body and Razorbacks football team. He still has to do a few things 18 year olds have to do, though. He has to go to prom with his girlfriend, for instance, and that means a lot of prep: borrowing someone else's car, finding a sparkling white suit with red shirt for the dance, buying the obligatory corsage, and shaving the word "RAZORBACKS" into your head for the occasion.

(Pic after the jump. It is incredible.)


The full splendor of the cut can be seen here. There are a few pictures of him at his prom, too, and please note the young lady he is with, and the tolerance she exudes. It is admirable, but as someone who has been full of awesome ideas like this his whole life, I assure you: she hates it. She hates it like girlfriends hate all awesome ideas: mistresses, pet falcons, doubling your mortgage with your surefire blackjack skills, seeing if you can score a hundred points in Madden in a half on the easy setting even if it takes you until three in the morning, getting drunk on a Tuesday night...all the good things, really.

Girls hate fun, Quinta Funderburk. Beware of them before they stop you from cutting awesome things into your hair and becoming the unofficial King of Arkansas. (Which, for the moment, you are whether you like it or not.) 

HT: Doc Saturday.