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Urban Meyer On Replacing Jim Tressel At Ohio State: 'I Am Committed To ESPN'

If you're already in the business of compiling future coaching candidates for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, you can scratch Urban Meyer off the list. The former University of Florida coach who resigned from the Gators job for health reasons is perfectly happy with his job at ESPN and he won't be pursuing the Ohio State job or any other job in the near future, according to a statement he released today.

This is hardly surprising, but it does beg the question: How many times does Urban Meyer have to say he's not interested in taking any coaching jobs before people leave him alone about it? As a guy with a family, multiple titles, and medical problems, there's no reason not to believe that he's happy on television and that he's not interested in returning to coaching in the near future.

A relatively wild guess: It's too late in the game for Ohio State to nab a big name. Luke Fickell will coach Ohio State this season, then depending on his performance, be one of many candidates for the job next winter. In any event, the next Ohio State head coach will not be Urban Meyer.

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