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Terrelle Pryor Arrives At Woody Hayes Athletic Center In Recently-Purchased Car

The Columbus Dispatch reports QB Terrelle Pryor, who’d already been suspended for almost half the 2011 season, is now the subject of investigations by both the NCAA and the school into whether he’s been involved in the Columbus cars scandal — a separate issue than the tattoos-for-memorabilia story, though this report also cites “extra benefits” that may have come into play.

With all that going on, let’s all hope Pryor has a very good explanation as to how he just pulled up at Ohio State’s Woody Hayes Athletic Center in a recently-purchased Nissan 350z.

Pryor arrived in WHAC in Nissan 350z with temp tags from May 24. He waved to the cameras.

With reports like this one that says Pryor may have played his last down for the Buckeyes, this is either going to be a masterstroke in spinning the story or Terrelle Pryor simply being Terrelle Pryor.

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