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SI Article: Tressel Allegations Include Memorabilia-For-Marijuana, Rigged Raffle And Free Cars

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As we dive further into George Dohrmann's Sports Illustrated article on Jim Tressel and the state of Ohio State football, plenty of new allegations emerge.

  • The memorabilia-for-tattoos violations started occurring all the way back in 2002, Tressel's second season at OSU.
  • Former Buckeye defensive end Robert Rose claims that he and "at least 20 others" on the Ohio State team traded memorabilia for tattoos.
  • SI uncovered allegations that some players traded memorabilia for marijuana. As a coach at Youngstown State in 1988, Tressel contacted a school trustee in regards to arranging a job for one of his players. That player also received a car from the trustee's company.
  • During an event in which Ohio State was hosting recruits, assistant coach Tressel rigged a raffle to ensure that the highly-prized recruits won prizes "such as cleats and a jersey."

Of course the article also gets in-depth about the more well-known claims, such as the recent tattoo allegations. While some of the allegations might be described as nitpicky or not a big deal on their own, it's the massive history of alleged incidents and violations that will forever change the way the college football world views Jim Tressel.

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