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Boise State Football To Forfeit Scholarships Over NCAA Investigation

The Boise State athletics department has put a fast turnaround on the recent NCAA inquiry that handed down a charge of "lack of institutional control" over minor violations on the part of the football team and track team, and major violations from the tennis program. It's a common practice for schools to self-impose penalties in advance of the NCAA actually handing down sanctions, in an effort for universities to control their own destinies, in part, and to get out in front of any looming PR battles. Also common: Ladling on the suffering so the Committee on Infractions won't even be tempted to punish one's program further, and here, the Broncos are aiming high.

What this means for our beautiful game: For just under $5000 worth of violations in the form of illegal housing (that in the form of football players shacking up with other football players over vacations so they could continue working out with the team), in addition to collecting repayment from players, the football Broncos will forfeit three scholarships and six preseason practices between the next two seasons. Thus is the scourge of couch-hopping banished from Boise. We hope you've all learned a very serious lesson here.

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