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NCAA Responds To Justice Department's BCS Antitrust Inquiry

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The NCAA has responded snippily to reports of a letter from the Justice Department on the subject of the Bowl Championship Series and whether the governing body has looked into a playoff for FBS football. In the brief statement, NCAA vice president of communications Bob Williams says the NCAA will respond shortly, but to the Department itself:

When we actually receive the letter from the Department of Justice we will respond to its questions directly.  It should be noted that President Emmert consistently has said, including in the New York Times article, that the NCAA is willing to help create a playoff format for Football Bowl Subdivision football if the FBS membership makes that decision.    

We have the full text of the letter right here, sir! The NCAA knows it doesn't have PR on its side on this one, and is thus wise to operate one-on-one instead of letting this continue to air out in public.

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