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Video: Kansas State Installs Grass In Mindblowing Fashion

You may have laughed at the Kansas State webcam showing a livestream of the installation of new Astroturf at Gary Snyder Family Stadium. Oh, but you really didn't have any idea what you missed by doing other things, did you? You missed learning that Bill Snyder is a legendary football coach, a family man, and evidently the best rave organizer in Manhattan, KS.

Amazing video after the jump.


I don't know what Bob Huggins chugging a Bud Ice was doing there, or why Jesus was wearing a K-State headband, or even why the disembodied head of Ron Prince was floating over a rave lightshow flickering where the field should have been. I do know one thing, though: I've watched it five times already, and that's two more times than I watched Kansas State last year. In that respect the new turf PR campaign is already working wonders for the Wildcats' visibility. 

(HT: Catlab.)