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Boise State NCAA Investigation Enters The Looking Glass

If the NCAA scandals surrounding USC, Ohio State, and Auburn were all cautionary tales of a lack of oversight regarding compliance and student-athletes, then we now have the polar opposite of that in the case of Boise State's tempest-in-a-teapot of a situation concerning their self-reported violations

Boise initially self-reported incoming student-athletes sleeping on the floors and couches of standing student-athletes in order to attend voluntary summer workouts to the NCAA concerning the 2005-2008 seasons. Boise coaches then worked out lodging ahead of time for athletes who wanted to participate in voluntary summer workouts the following year, and had the athletes pay full value for rent the following summer, believing they were in compliance with NCAA rules. 

And this is where saying too much to the NCAA will get you in trouble. The NCAA now says Boise violated the rules by having coaches contact the players improperly in arranging the summer workout lodging, and is therefore in violation by ways of an unfair competitive advantage Boise obtained through those workouts and prearranged lodging.

In summary: you can cooperate with the NCAA, and they will accuse you of violating a rule, or you can not cooperate, and be accused of violating a rule. Got it, guys. Thanks!