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Ohio State Car Investigation Trots Terrelle Pryor & Friends Back Out For More Scrutiny

As noted earlier in this StoryStream, Ohio State's investigation of dozens of car purchases made by Buckeye athletes and family members is a separate issue from the NCAA's scrutiny of Jim Tressel over football players selling memorabilia in violation of illegal benefit regulations. And with the possibly-shady dealerships story spanning two sports (OSU basketball is also involved), as Eleven Warriors notes, it's going to be nigh-impossible to pin this newest wrinkle on a single coach gone wrong.

There are, however, four common threads between the two cases, in the form of players named in the auto purchase investigation who'll already be serving multi-game suspensions at the outset of the 2011 football season for their roles in the existent NCAA violations hunt:

Terrelle Pryor: Borrowed cars from investigative target Aaron Kniffin, including one for that infamous three-day test drive. His mother and brother bought from Kniffin at Jack Maxton Chevrolet.
DeVier Posey: Bought from Kniffin at Auto Direct.
Solomon Thomas: Bought from Kniffin at Maxton; father bought from Maxton at Auto Direct.
Daniel Herron: Father bought from Kniffin at Auto Direct.

Where will the next domino fall in Columbus? Ohio State fans, want to talk out your heartaches and headaches? Join our Buckeyes community at Along the Olentangy for sympathetic ears and good old-fashioned vitriol.