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Ohio State AD Gene Smith's Job Is Safe, Pres. E. Gordon Gee Says

While Ohio State awaits a ruling from the NCAA on future punishment for the numerous scandals that have come to light in recent months, don't expect the university to dismiss or accept the resignation of other school officials. On Wednesday, reports the Columbus Dispatch, OSU president E. Gordon Gee told attendees at a school event that he has no plans to fire athletic director Gene Smith, nor does he expect him to resign.

But even Gee is not immune to these events, as some have called for his ouster as well. Unless that happens, Gee will make sure the university's compliance department improves its standards. Former Buckeyes coach John Cooper recently took aim at the department for letting this happen, noting that during his time compliance was constantly being checked.

Should the university's Board of Trustees choose to dismiss Gee, which may just be idle speculation, all bets are likely off on Smith retaining his position.

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