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Terrelle Pryor's Bad Year Could Get Worse With IRS Help

Hypothetically speaking, how could it get worse for Terrelle Pryor right now? He goes out at Ohio State with a Sugar Bowl win that still stands a chance of being expunged from the record books. His NFL prospects, assuming there is an NFL to play for next season, are being characterized as somewhat less than rosy by league sources. And at least some of the teammates he's spent every waking minute alongside for his entire college career have to be giving him the cold shoulder right about now. Cosmically, he's like a very tall Charlie Brown. [Pundit voiceover: "But Terrelle Pryor was the one holding the ball of Buckeye Nation's trust in his hands, and pulled it away at the last second, leaving us all to fall on our backs!"]

But as sports fans everywhere worth the emotional scars borne from their team's inexplicable near-faceplants against a vastly overmatched Illinois teams know, it can always get worse. Columbus' ABC6 raises a question that's been idly circling the national consciousness on Twitter for a couple days now: You know all that money Pryor allegedly earned selling his autograph and team memorabilia? Suppose the figure of his income gets pinned down, and the IRS comes calling?