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Boise State Meets With NCAA Committee On Infractions

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While the scandals in college football have recently been dominated by Southern California, Ohio State and West Virginia, the NCAA's proverbial Eye of Sauron‎ leaves no program ignored, and as such turned its stare to Idaho, where even Chris Petersen's Boise State Broncos cannot escape the Committee on Infractions. 

Boise State received and NCAA inquiry for a "lack of institutional control" in early May after 22 violations in three sports over a span of five years. On Friday, the Broncos' meeting with the NCAA Committee on Infractions came. 

The football violations being reviewed Friday were committed between 2005 and 2008. The program already is dealing with several self-imposed penalties, including fewer scholarships for the next two years and less practice time.

The sanctions are part of a broader penalty package put in place by university officials for violations that also involve men's and women's tennis, and track and field. 

Boise's football program already forfeited three scholarships and six preseason practices over the next two seasons. 

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