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Terrelle Pryor's Sexytime Golf Chicanery: An Adventure Story

[solemn voiceover] The stated mission of ESPN's Outside the Lines is to "examine topical issues off the playing field," but there sure is a lot of grass on this one! [end pundit voiceover]

The more layers we peel off this Terrelle Pryor story, the more ridiculous it gets, and the more convinced we become (although it's hard to be more than "absolutely, unequivocally convinced, we're managing) that violations of Ohio State's caliber could and would be found at almost any major college athletics program, if the NCAA possessed the wherewithal and manpower to investigate all the teams it governs.

I digress, however: Terrelle Pryor has been playing illicit rounds of golf! This is brought to you by the headline, "Sources: Terrelle Pryor indulged in golf" and whatever letters make up the chemical compound for aspirin.

Why this story is important: It forges shinier connections between Pryor and Buckeyes overenthusiast/memorabilia dealer Dennis Talbott. Why it's not: It's golf.

We will now unfairly excerpt two quotes from the report. The first is from the general manager of the country club in question; the second, from Pryor's attorney, Larry James:

"I said, 'This does not smell good,' " Koivisto said. "If anything bad was happening, I didn't want it to be happening on my property."

I'm just tired.

I feel you, Larry.

Ohio State fans, have you about had it with this story? You're not alone. Commiserate with your peer at our Buckeyes community, Along The Olentangy