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Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy Found In San Diego, Still Hasn't Been Returned

All this time and Reggie Bush never actually had his Heisman Trophy. Instead, the Bush family handed it off to a San Diego museum, and it's been sitting in storage despite assurances it would be returned to the Heisman Trust. Bush was stripped of the award after he was found to be ineligible following an NCAA investigation into allegations of improper benefits.

Even though Bush agreed to return the trophy last September, his family handed it off to the San Diego Hall of Champions in March, where it's been sitting in a back room since.

Angela LaChica, a vice president at the San Diego Hall of Champions, says the hall received the trophy from the family in March but never displayed it and now is in the process of getting it back in the hands of Bush's family.

At some point the Heisman Trophy Trust will get it back. Or maybe not. At this point nobody knows.