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Things You Didn't Know: Auburn Offered Prince William A Football Scholarship

If you've ever wondered if former Auburn football coach Pat Dye fawned over the British royal family like your great-aunt Pittypat, the answer is "yes, yes he did." Shortly after Prince Wililam's birth in June of 1982, Dye wrote out an honorary scholarship offer for the Prince before the young man could even crawl, much less perform the shuttle run, 40 yard dash, or any other diagnostic of his general football talent. (No, he didn't put cash in the envelope to seal the deal. That came later.)

It was an honorary offer, but Dye did receive a nice letter back from Buckingham Palace thanking them for the offer and informing the coach that they would consider it when William was old enough. While this may seem like a gentlemanly offer, some think Dye could have gone further with the offer. Houston Nutt, for instance, would have offered him four honorary scholarships at a bare minimum, and likely prompted a new "no-recruiting-royals-from-the-womb" rule from the SEC.

(HT: Rick Muscles.)