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Tate Forcier Contacts Hawaii Football About Potential Transfer, According To Report

When last we heard of former Michigan Wolverines QB Tate Forcier's football plans, he was leaving the Miami Hurricanes and considering a move closer to his home in San Diego, while also eying more distant destinations like Montana. Now he's reportedly sent a three-page letter to Hawaii, though the contents are of an unknown nature.

Joining the Hawaii Warriors program wouldn't exactly put him within a quick drive of his hometown, but flights between Southern California and Honolulu aren't hard to wrangle.

A transfer to Hawaii could be an interesting opportunity, with rising senior Bryant Moniz, who led the nation with over 5,000 passing yards in 2010, leaving campus before Forcier would be eligible to take the field. No word yet of course on whether the Warriors are even considering acquiring Forcier. Mostly kind of wish he'd just pick somewhere and stick with it.

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