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Danny Wuerffel Ministry Confirms Diagnosis Of Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Danny Wuerffel's ministry has issued a statement confirming his diagnosis of and treatment for Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Details are sparse in the release, as you might expect in a situation like this, but it's generally upbeat. Luder Whitlock, chairman of the Desire Street Ministry board:

Fortunately, an early diagnosis identified the disease, permitting swift medical treatment. Consequently, his GBS specialist expects a full recovery. Meanwhile, Danny has asked me to express his appreciation for the prayers, love and support he has received during this time.

Wuerffel is asking that cards or gifts instead be sent to Desire Street. Meanwhile, the organization says it will let fans and supporters know what's going on with Wuerffel at and at the organization's Facebook page at

All of which amplifies the new profile of sports stars and celebrities dealing with illnesses like this in the Internet era. It can complicate and speed the flow of the news -- from the unfortunate news of the illness to the hopefully better results of treatment.