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Big Sky Gets Catty With WAC Attack Brush-Offs

Who's not impressed with the WAC's new tactic of holding off conference collapse by sheer force of numbers (we're assuming they're counting each of their new hatchling schools as approximately two-thirds of one program)? Division I-AA's own Big Sky Conference, whose member schools have reportedly rejected at least half a dozen come-ons from the flailing marauders of the West. And the conference commish wants to make sure everybody knows, in uncanny junior high locker room fashion, that it's not because Big Sky teams couldn't hack it in the mid-majors:

"It's not that we're not ready to move. We've got schools that are ready to move if they get a good proposal. They could move and make it very easily. Not being ready to move is not correct," Fullerton said. "We're in a better place than the WAC is."

The term you're looking for here is "Sick Big Sky burn, brah." It's understandable if it feels unfamiliar on the palate.