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UNC Releases Parking Ticket Files On Marvin Austin, Others

As part of an ongoing investigation into the North Carolina Tar Heels football team, the News & Observer and other media outlets received files on 395 parking tickets received by players on the team. The university released this information on Thursday after a court denied an appeal to delay release of this knowledge.

These records concern 11 players on the team from 2007 through 2010. While the names were not released, the N&O was able to determine LB Bruce Carter and WR Greg Little combined to receive over 30 citations, while DT Marvin Austin, now in the NFL, collected 42 citations. All told, fines collected by the 11 players totaled over $13,000 and over $2,000 in unpaid fines.

Parking tickets appear to be on a lower rung of concern, considering that agents, improper benefits and academic inquiries are already on the NCAA's list on issues, but as we saw with Ohio State, all things converge and snowball to wider, overall problems.

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