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Racking Up 93 Parking Tickets On A College Campus Is Not Hard

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There's a reason I'm unimpressed with the latest wrinkle in the neverending slog of UNC's NCAA investigation, the part where Tar Heel football players racked up $13,000 in parking fines. It's not just that piles of mysteriously accrued traffic violations are anticlimactic. The announcement of the notice of inquiry itself was anticlimactic after, well, everything. What's a few expired meters between friends when the state government's investigating your football team?

But accumulating 93 parking tickets over almost a two-year period is not that tricky if you live on campus year-round and just don't care where you leave your car. Trust me. I had a roommate my senior year of college who almost didn't graduate because of a four-figure check she owed our university's ticket office, and that was just for a semester

(The nine license plate numbers associated with that one player's violations? Yeah, those might be problematic. Unless they all belong to Butch Davis, and don't act like that's out of the question here.)