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Your Team Needs More Hugs: Hugs Etienne, That Is.

Every year's crop of high school recruits produces some new kind of magic. One year there's I-Perfection Harris ; the next, a man named Storm Johnson who went to play for the Miami Hurricanes. Johnson is currently embroiled in a battle over the terms of his transfer from Miami, and we suppose that means his career is off to a...stormy start.

This year's "Worst pun which is totally real" is 2013 Auburn commit Dee Liner, who happens to play defensive line because his family really likes obvious jokes. (Thanks, Liner family. We appreciate the free content.) Don't overlook South Plantation High's current Wisconsin commit and one man goodwill committee, though.


Wisconsin football just got a lot cuddlier. I bet he has a love/hate relationship with his name, because he's like "GRRR, I'M TOUGH MAN DESPITE NAME," but then he's like "Hugs are pretty great, guys. Let me give you a me to show you how much I care." (HT: MGoBlog.)