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Ah, Another Top 25 Recruiting Class In The SEC. Wait, It's Vandy?

You never quite know what's going to crop up in SEC recruiting: Allegations of players being paid, stretch imousines filled with coaches, Lane Kiffin. But the one consistent is that Vanderbilt will not be a factor.

In a conference filled with teams that consistently rank in the Top 25 on the recruiting, only one team hasn't made the Top 50 with any of its last ten classes (using Rivals here): Vanderbilt. For whatever reason -- usually attributed to academics -- the Commodores can't get the horses to come to Vanderbilt to play. All that might be about to change.

A half-dozen recruits are expected to announce next week that they will all attend Vanderbilt. And, well, they might be pretty good.

Bowles, a member of the ESPNU 150, is the highest-ranked prospect among them. Kimbrow, like Bowles, is another four-star prospect. Three of the other four are three-star prospects. ...

Vanderbilt has brought aboard only one four-star prospect In the history of the ESPNU 150 (since 2006). If Bowles and Kimbrow do pledge that would bring Vandy to five four stars in this class. [Emphasis in original]

The likeliest explanation for all of this is James Franklin, the new coach in Nashville. ESPNU has the team at No. 24, something that would be almost earth-shattering for the Commodores.

Welcome to the SEC, Vanderbilt. Because all the conference needed was another loaded team.