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Todd McNair Sues NCAA Following Denied Appeal

In the last week of May, we wearily celebrated the end of the five-year USC illegal benefits case; as it turns out, that flash of joy may have come a touch too soon: Todd McNair, ex-running backs coach and special-teams helmer who was ousted in the course of the investigation, will not be taking that high road so prized by the new USC administration. McNair has filed suit against the NCAA, seeking "unspecified damages for libel, slander, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, tortious interference with contractual relations, breach of contract, negligence and declaratory relief." The Association slapped him with a show-cause penalty last June, and denied his appeal of the ruling in April.

Our USC blog, Conquest Chronicles, has helpfully pointed out the public availability of the court documents, filed in L.A. County superior court. If you're a fan of institutionalized slap-fighting, we invite you to hang around this story for just a little while longer.