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Matt Leinart On USC Losing Its 2004 BCS National Championship

Former USC Trojans QB Matt Leinart was on SportsCenter Monday night, responding to questions about how it feels to see his school lose the BCS national championship he helped it win:

It's obviously tough to hear, but to be honest with you -- I think I speak for everyone that was a part of that team, in reality I don't think anyone can really take that championship away from us. For all the hard work we put in on the practice field, the games, in the title game we beat Oklahoma pretty handily. What happened outside the field, I don't condone it at any point but that doesn't take away from what we did as a football team.

He was also asked about what he'd tell Reggie Bush if he could go back in time and what he'll tell his grandchildren about why the 2004 college football season didn't feature a champion, to which he mostly responded with laughter and a "dude" for his interviewer.