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USC Also Vacating 2006 Rose Bowl Thriller Vs. Texas, Vince Young

Reggie Bush, you've made a fine mess of the college football history books. By history books, I mean WIkipedia entries, because all the books are still exactly the same, except for those owned by UCLA and Auburn fans with Sharpies. Not only was the entire 2004 college football season a total waste of everyone's time, but now perhaps the best football game of the decade never even happened.

In addition to the 2004 BCS title, the USC Trojans are also vacating their 2006 Rose Bowl battle with the Texas Longhorns.

First of all: you can vacate losses? A pseudonymous Mike Locksley has just faxed a whistle-blowing letter to NCAA officials.

More importantly, this means you never saw any of this happen:

USC and Texas entered that game having held down the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in the AP poll from 2005's Week 1 on. Bush produced 177 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown on 19 touches in a post-Heisman Trophy showdown with Young that came down to the wire.

Do not bother attempting to remember this game. The NCAA will be around shortly to cleanse it from your mind.

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