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Terrelle Pryor Earned '$20,000 To $40,000' For Signed Memorabilia, According To Report

On the day Terrelle Pryor decided to forgo his eligibility at Ohio State and leave the school in the wake of a widespread investigation and head coach Jim Tressel's resignation, a report from Outside the Lines indicated Pryor made "$20,000 to $40,000" for signed items in 2009-10. Pryor had been at the center of multiple investigation, including one that saw him suspended for trading Ohio State memorabilia for tattoos and another, ongoing investigation into the cars he's driving.

In addition to the reported dollar amount, the friend said Pryor was treated like an idol, receiving free food, gifts and cars while in Columbus.

Pryor's former friend also told "Outside the Lines" that the player often received preferential treatment in the Columbus community, receiving thousands of dollars in free food at local restaurants and convenience stores, free drinks at bars and free tattoos. In addition, he said the quarterback had access to free loaner cars from local dealerships. The source said he spent nearly every day with Pryor before their relationship soured when Pryor began taking on a more "arrogant" attitude after his 2009-10 season.

Emphasis is mine. While it certainly may be true that Pryor made a decent wage signing items on a regular basis, the source of the story, and only source in the story, is a jaded friend who had a falling out with the quarterback. Nevertheless, the OTL report goes deeper than just Pryor, naming a memorabilia dealer the Buckeye quarterback allegedly dealt with and digging into his financials. The full report can be found over at ESPN.

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