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Terrelle Pryor Exit Spurs Relief, Then Horror In Ohio State Fans

So what have we learned from the Terrelle Pryor flameout, gentle readers? And where, again, does Ohio State football go from here? Our Ohio State community, Along the Olentangy, was relieved at initial news of his departure ...

If Pryor does enter the Supplemental Draft, he would no longer be considered a "student-athlete," removing his obligation to speak with NCAA investigators and officials. [...] After forcing Jim Tressel to retire last Monday, it's clear that Ohio State as an institution is in full damage-control mode. Pryor's parting from the university removes the highest profile case of NCAA wrongdoing left on the Oho State campus, and, if investigators cannot prove Pryor received additional improper benefits without his cooperation, his exit may have just saved Ohio State from being charged with institutional penalties by the NCAA.

... until, that is, the five-figure autographed earnings portion of Pryor's exit story dropped last night, along with sentiments in Buckeye Nation:

If proven, the information contained in this piece is far more devastating to Ohio State than anything in the Sports Illustrated or Dispatch articles. The unnamed "former friend," if he testifies for the NCAA, jeopardizes every defense Ohio State's administration has offered for the previous allegations and acknowledged wrongdoings.

Sports by Brooks has documents indicating the concerned memorabilia dealer Dennis Talbott's eBay handle is "infickellwetrust." While I feel deeply for the Ohio State fans in my life, and they are myriad, for the pure sake of comedy I desperately hope this to be true.