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Dennis Talbott Denies Involvement In Terrelle Pryor Memorabilia Scandal

Embattled ex-Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor seemingly has had a new scandal emerge everyday for the last several weeks. The latest is on receiving thousands of dollars for signing memorabilia. It appears that Dennis Talbott, a Columbus photographer and local businessman, helped Pryor obtain money for his signature. Just don't expect Talbott to acknowledge any of that.

According to a report by Paul Aker of 10TV in Ohio, Talbott canceled his radio and TV appearances on Wednesday on the advice of his lawyers. Talbott told Aker that all of these accusations were false and "shocking" that they were even put out there.

But obviously Talbott is a big fan of Pryor's: 10TV's report found that Talbott owned a vehicle that had "T PRYOR" as its license plate.

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