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NCAA Football '12 Team Rankings Leaked; Start Your Griping Engines

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Some enterprising bloggers got ahold of the purported team rankings for EA Sports' NCAA Football '12. View the top 25 here and find out how your team was dishonored by a bunch of haters making a video game! Cherry-picked statistics follow:

• A+ overall teams: Oklahoma and Alabama.

• Highest-ranked teams with the lowest prestige ranking: Mississippi State at No. 19, NC State at No. 24, and Arizona State at No. 25.

• Lowest-ranked team with an "A" in any category: Miami, clocking in at No. 34.

• Team with the most inexplicably low prestige rating: Army. They're the Army! They got things to do! Fresno State and Wake Forest at least rated 2!

• I love the prestige ranking, in all seriousness, because it's at its core the game designers' way of lobbing spitebombs at teams they resent having to put in the game at all. But FIU's a team on the rise! Telling me they don't deserve to be a 2 up with Toledo? Arguing these points is what makes the runup to this game pass so quickly.

• It will never stop bothering me that nobody gets F rankings. This isn't feelingsball.