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Notre Dame Reaches Settlement With State Of Indiana Over Declan Sullivan's Death

Over eight months after 20-year-old Notre Dame student Declan Sullivan was tragically killed while filming football practice, the state of Indiana and the university have reached a settlement with regard to the incident. From CBS Sports:

Notre Dame will pay a $42,000 fine for six safety violations, make an undisclosed contribution to a memorial for a student videographer who died at football practice and start a campaign on the hazards of scissor lifts as part of a settlement with the state of Indiana.

The fine was originally set at $77,500, but as a condition of the settlement, the charge against the school was reduced from a "knowing violation" to a "serious violation." According to Sullivan's uncle, the family is pleased with the agreement.

"There can be no better way to remember Declan than to help others avoid future tragedies," Sullivan's uncle, Mike Miley, wrote by e-mail.