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Marc Tyler Suspended By USC Football For TMZ Video Comments

USC Trojans RB Marc Tyler has been suspended by the program for making some silly comments as a TMZ cameraman lapped it all up. In case you've missed the video, Tyler joked (?) about USC players getting paid, Kim Kardashian providing the finish line for every Trojans running back and -- perhaps most egregiously -- Arizona State having a more attractive student population than USC's.

The release from the school is the standard thing, with lots of concern and sorrow, but here are the comments made by coach Lane Kiffin, who's known throughout the Southeast for having student-athletes lotion each other up for group photography and employing globe-spanningly aggressive female hostesses:

I was very disappointed when I learned of Marc Tyler's inappropriate comments that were captured by the media last week.  That is not the way that we expect our players to represent USC and our team. I have consulted with athletic director Pat Haden and I am suspending Marc for our upcoming season opener and potentially further, and in the meantime I am also suspending him from all team activities. Although Marc may find this punishment severe, it is imperative we continue to have a high standard for player behavior.  Marc needs to work hard to show us that he can meet the standards of being a USC football player.    

Tyler produced 913 yards and nine touchdowns in 2010 and was Southern Cal's clear starting option for 2011.

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