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Texas A&M Regents To Meet With Longhorn Network Reps In Closed-Door Meeting

The University of Texas' upcoming television station, The Longhorn Network, is not without its detractors. As is to be expected when facing the onset of a multi-million dollar divisional propaganda tool, other teams in the Big 12 are taking notice of the scheme. None more so than longtime rival, Texas A&M.

More than a month from the network's scheduled launch, Aggies officials have officially added a closed-door conference to discuss the issue onto its regents meetings' agenda for Thursday and Friday. The itinerary item has been ominously christened "Big 12 Conference."

The execution session will be informational only, including concerning UT's plans to air a Big 12 football game on the ESPN-owned network, and to potentially air high school games, the insider said. No action will be taken, the person added, the regents will simply be informed of the latest by lawyers concerning the deep-pocketed network.

It goes without saying, but Texas A&M and all other Big 12 universities are concerned that the network will become the ultimate recruiting tool, thus causing Texas to pull even farther ahead of its divisional brethren. Still, money makes the world go ‘round, especially in grubby world of college football. After almost scampering to the SEC last summer, managing to snatch a part of the oncoming pot will surely make the medicine go down smoother for the Aggies.

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