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Big 12 Commissioner Releases Statement On Longhorn Network

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has his hands full with Texas' Longhorn Network and its planned telecasts of high school football games. That idea rankles Texas A&M and Oklahoma, who feel as though it will give Texas an unfair recruiting advantage.

Beebe hasn't shut down the Longhorn Network's plan just yet. However, he wants everyone to know he's working on it.

Via a statement released Thursday...

The Conference members are committed to working together to address issues in a manner that benefits all members. There are elements of our new television agreement, which take effect in 2012, that need clarification and the members will be working together to develop a process that will work to the benefit of the entire Conference. Until the members have a chance to consider all the issues and come to conclusion about how the Conference will manage the interplay between the Conference television package and institutional networks, no more than one live football game will be televised on any institutional network and no high school content will be televised on a branded member’s network.

It's a step in the right direction to appease the other members of the conference but it's not entirely off the table just yet.

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