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Butch Davis Fired For 'Academic Misconduct Findings,' According To Report

When reports started to simmer forth that Butch Davis was about to be fired as North Carolina Tar Heels head football coach, you couldn't help but wonder what new information had caused UNC to suddenly decide to cut ties with him. After all, the program had been hit with a smorgasbord of allegations as wide-ranging as any in memory.

Joe Schad reports it was the academic stuff in the NCAA's Notice of Allegations that did it, and not anything new, and that it was chancellor Holden Thorp who made the call. 

You're now wondering if Mr. Thorp is aware that football season is about to begin very shortly. Waiting so long to fire Davis over a report that came out weeks ago essentially punishes the entire program and fanbase as harshly as possible, while firing him earlier could've salvaged ... something.

Stay tuned to this UNC football investigation StoryStream, and keep an eye on Butch Davis and the North Carolina football program over at Carolina March.