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Butch Davis 'Shocked' At Firing, And We Can Hardly Blame Him

Butch Davis, who we remind you had a runner for a sports agent employed as an assistant coach, is quite taken aback at all this "you're fired" folderol:

"I was honestly shocked to receive word that I will no longer be the head football coach at the University of North Carolina," Davis said. "I can honestly say that I leave with full confidence that I have done nothing wrong. I was the head coach and I realize the responsibility that comes with that role."

Full text of the statement available at the above link, but let's unpack what we have here right quick: Aren't you, too, shocked at the firing? But for different reasons, right? Like, let's not cut him loose when over a dozen players had to be benched for last year's season opener or the aforementioned coach was financially tied to a sports agency or the cheating allegations surfaced or the state government got interested. For gosh sakes, the man had a tee time at Pinehurst booked eleven months in advance for Media Days weekend. You can't just find those on trees. So what the hell, let him swing a while longer, and then kapow!

Perhaps Davis is surprised in the manner of Claude Rains in 1942, like how we were surprised to see that notice of inquiry. Now? And things were going so well.