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Toomer's Corner Trees Regaining Health, But Fate Remains Uncertain

The Auburn oaks at Toomer's Corner are still rather sickly looking, but experts say they could still be healthy enough to be covered in toilet paper by fans celebrating a football victory. About five months ago, Auburn officials confirmed that the trees had been poisoned, and an Alabama fan has since been arrested and is currently awaiting trial in connection to the attack. 

The school took emergency procedures such as removing the poisoned dirt in an effort to save the trees. Those efforts appear to have kept them alive at least this long.

Auburn horticulturist Gary Keever indicated that it's still unclear if the trees will survive and allow a tradition to be continued that started in the 1970s:

"I don't want to give a sense of false hope, but we're not ready to say they're definitely not going to make it," said Keever, part of a team of experts monitoring the health of the trees and trying to save them.