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Eric LeGrand Update: LeGrand Reporting Progress Moving Arms

Rutgers defender Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed during a kickoff against Army last October, reports that he's "moving the arms little by little." It appears LeGrand's condition continues to improve. A few weeks ago, he described the progress he was making with his arms:

"I can move my arm out to the side. I can move it about 45 degrees to the right and about 30 degrees to the left. I have a lot more movement now."

It's great to hear that he's taking steps toward recovering. He's already progressed well beyond where doctors thought he would at the time of the injury - they said he would never talk or eat solid foods, Scarlet Report writes. Now, he does both.

In fact, LeGrand spoke at a comedy event in February, and he also recently said that he could feel "twitches" in his body, so it appears he's making progress.

LeGrand's injury was among the worst in a football season characterized by violent hits. Let's hope for his continued recovery.

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