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Ohio State Vacates 2010 Season, Including Sugar Bowl Victory, In Hopes Of Appeasing NCAA

Ohio State University won't officially release their response to the NCAA's Notice of Allegations until Monday, but staffers at the Columbus Dispatch, who have been doggedly pursuing this case end to end, has gotten hold of the report and published its pertinent details. The university's plan, apparently, is to throw the departed Jim Tressel on a sword to see if they can stave off further punishment. The self-sanctioning measures levied at the football program will include the vacation of the entire 12-win 2010 season, including the Buckeyes' Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas, and two years' probation. They're implementing a new oversight program of OSU student-athletes. Just to make things interesting, they've confirmed the presence of yet another ineligible player on the 2010 squad. And curiously, they're not taking on any postseason bans or scholarship losses.

Will that be enough? Opinions vary. And language in the NCAA's Infractions Appeals Committee ruling against USC makes it more difficult than ever to determine which way the authoritative body will sway based on previous cases.

And lest we forget: Tressel's still making money off this deal. Wonders never cease.

The university's hearing with the NCAA, during which school officials (and Jim Tressel himself, wonder of wonders!) will hear the Committee on Infractions' response to the self-imposed sanctions, is scheduled for August 12.

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