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Eric LeGrand Tells CBS He's Against Eliminating Kickoffs

Much has been made, in the wake of Eric LeGrand's devastating October 2010 spinal injury, of his head coach's proposal to eliminate the kickoff in college football. Greg Schiano doesn't want to see another kid go down like that, and that's an entirely understandable impulse. LeGrand understand where his coach is coming from -- and disagrees. As told to Brett McMurphy:

"Honestly I think the game is fine the way it is," LeGrand told "I don't think you should take kickoffs out [of the game]. I understand why he [Schiano] thinks that way, especially when he sees one of his players go down, he wants to avoid that ever happening again. [...] "My accident was a freak accident. It was one out of five million hits."

LeGrand, who's since progressed to regain limited use of his legs, can reportedly stand for around an hour with a walker to balance him. Keep up with his recovery and other Rutgers athletics news at SB Nation's On The Banks.