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An Ode To Gene Bleymaier, Inventor Of The Smurf Turf

Suddenly outgoing Boise State athletics director Gene Bleymaier might be about to get fired, but his legacy was long ago secured. You see, Bleymaier was the guy that dreamed up the Broncos' blue field more than 25 years ago. And college football was never the same.

Ducks do not actually crash into the field, as has often been rumored. But opponents have gone to extreme lengths to prepare for it, and the Mountain West has essentially barred the Broncos from wearing blue uniforms while playing on it. And sports announcers have spent way too much time reveling in calling it "the Smurf Turf."

So, why did Bleymaier decide to turn the field blue? According to him, another green field would have been boring -- and we all know that the field is supposed to be the star of the show.

"I guess that I'm the type of person that when I paint my house I paint it a different color so the neighbors notice you did something," said Bleymaier, in his 24th year as Boise State's athletic director.

Yes, Bleymaier is the neighbor that paints his house neon orange. You're welcome for having a reason to stop feeling sorry for him.